Rev-Fit Meals and Smoothies


What is Rev-Fit Meals and Smoothies?

RevFit Meals and Smoothies is a healthy meal plans and smoothie shop. We strive to offer guests meals for their daily life that are healthy options and packed with flavor all in one. We also sell smoothies that are made with a range of fruits, proteins, and or greens. 

Quality Ingredients

Beef, chicken, turkey, fish, fruits, vegetables are all picked to be the best quality.

Balanced Meals

All meals are rich with protein and vegetables. 

Big Flavor 

All of our meals burst with flavor. Never feel like you need to sacrifice taste for healthy options.


Our Most Popular Meals

Green Chili Turkey

Chicken Poblano

Our Newest Meals

White Fish Diabla

Chicken Alfredo Vegetable Lasagna

Steak Pasilla

Cheese and Bacon Beef Pattie

Turkey Bolognese

Chicken Marsala

Seasoned Turkey with Mushroom Sauce


Turkey Bacon Cheese Pattie

Monday - Thursday 9AM- 8PM

Friday 9AM- 6PM

Saturday 10AM-4PM

Sunday 11AM-5PM



1757 George Dieter Ste 121

El Paso, TX 79936

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Rev Fit Meals and Smoothies